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    As part of Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum’s social activity, Livingstone Community Garden and Eco Centre was set up to give growing space for our residents who have no access to a garden. Hidden away from street bustle this green space provides a place to relax away from stressful surroundings, to refresh weary bodies, minds and spirits. Livingstone Community Garden and Eco Centre can be found at the end of the lane from the Livingstone Allotments main gate, B20 3LN  or Hiron’s Gate by 212 Wellington Road B20 2QJ where there is a small car park.

    This group organises activities such as tree planting, apple juice pressing and tasting food grown on the plots. There are opportunities to sow seeds, take cuttings, enjoy wildflowers and tasty vegetables during the growing season.

    Handsworth Association of Schools uses a good portion of the space to encourage local schools to learn more about sustainable initiatives that will help our Planet Earth’s future.

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    Livingstone Community Garden and Eco Centre

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