• Acocks Green Village in Bloom

    Acocks Green Village in Bloom is a passionate volunteer group committed to enhancing the charm and appeal of Acocks Green Village, situated along the renowned Warwick Road, extending from St. Mary’s church to the Solihull boundary. With a shared vision of creating a tidy and inviting environment for shoppers and residents alike, the group annually participates in the esteemed RHS Village in Bloom competition. It’s worth noting that the judging route includes other areas within Acocks Green, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of the community’s efforts.

    At the heart of their endeavours lies the Acocks Green Village’s main island, showcased in the above photo, which serves as a beautiful feature in their ongoing transformation project. To stay connected and updated with their activities, interested individuals can find Acocks Green Village in Bloom on Facebook, where they regularly share updates, news, and inspiring stories.

    The dedicated members of this volunteer group come together every Sunday, weather permitting, at 10 a.m. Their meeting locations vary each week, and volunteers receive timely emails informing them of the specific area to be worked on. While their current means of contact is limited to personal email addresses, they encourage individuals to reach out to them through their Facebook page for inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or any form of support.

    Acocks Green Village in Bloom invites everyone to join their cause, making a positive difference in Acocks Green Village and beyond. Together, they aim to cultivate a thriving, vibrant environment that reflects the shared values and pride of the residents they serve.


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