• Making the Case for Physical Activity

    We are all physical activity advocates and know that it is good for us. It prevents disease, enhances mental health and improves social outcomes. We also know there is strong research supporting this but it is sometimes difficult to find the research to convince commissioners and policy makers to invest in physical activity. Making the case for physical activity provides the most compelling, evidence-based facts that demonstrate the importance of physical activity to help you build a case for investment.
    The document has a wealth of research on a range of conditions from cardiovascular disease to liver disease, to allow you to specifically make the case for integrating physical activity into your area of work. In depth figures are provided to demonstrate the effect that physical activity has on preventing ill health. It also presents the evidence on the impact of physical activity on mental health, delaying the need for care in older adults, reducing health inequalities, improving health at work and its role in in healthy communities.
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    Did You Know


    • Evidence suggests being active throughout cancer treatment and during remission preserves bone mineral density, lowers feelings of fatigue and improves quality of life scores.
    • Highly active older adults have a 38% reduced risk of cognitive decline.
    • Older adults who are regularly active have a 30-50% lower risk of developing functional limitations.
    • In pre-schoolers, physical activity is associated with improved measures of psychosocial health and motor skill development.
    • Seven percentĀ of the worldwide burden of type 2 diabetes could be eliminated if all inactive people became active.


    Posted on 5th April 2016