• Local Innovation Fund for Birmingham

    A new fund has been recently launched by Birmingham City Council to help people across Birmingham invest in the projects, groups and activities they think will help their local communities.
    The Local Innovation Fund (LIF) is providing £48,000 investment for each of the city’s forty Wards with an emphasis on ward Councillors listening to and working closely with people in their local area supporting new and innovative ways of doing things in neighbourhoods to make better places to live.
    The money can be used to fund  new and innovative activity which can help make communities stronger, as well as develop more local involvement, participation and active citizenship.  The focus is on investing in people and places  rather than spending money on things and is a Ward  Investment programme rather than a  grants scheme
    How can you get involved?
    For this opportunity to be successful and used well it needs Ward Councillors and local people to work together to identify what the funding should be used for and how it will be spent. You can help play an important part in this by getting involved:-

    • To share what you think the priorities are for your community and neighbourhood – what should the funding be used for?
    • To share a good or great idea you have – this could come from your own group or organisation, or something else you have heard about and want to try in your local area

    To find out more and get involved in your neighbourhood please contact your local Councillor and/or attend your local Ward Meeting
    Click here to find out more about the Local Innovation Fund, as well as download relevant documents via the Birmingham City Council website.

    Posted on 28th November 2016