• Invite for Wild Birmingham

    Would you and your street like to take part in the ‘Wild Birmingham’ initiative on Saturday 30th September? The project is hoping to work with all of the 70 streets and roads that have had road closures to date with ActiveStreets and close these roads, along with hopefully more, simultaneously across the city. We want the project to bring to life everyone’s hard work, in one big city wide event.
    The aim of the day, on the 30th September, is to get people involved in activities that, this time, more specifically introduce ‘nature’ into our roads. ActiveStreets hope that by using the spaces in and around streets to communally grow flowers, vegetables or event plant trees, everyone will benefit in some way not just you and your neighbours but for all who call city home.
    One of the key objectives they are focusing on is clean air for all. Tree planting activities and so on will have long term, positive impacts on quality of air on our streets. The lack of traffic on your road during the closure will also deliver a short term improvement in the air quality.
    So, for this event, they would love for you to consider closing your road on Saturday 30th September at some point between 10am and 5pm (asking people to focus on 11am-1pm as a minimum). It will be exciting to have all these streets closed at the same time, and fantastic to encourage residents to come out and participate in various activities based around the themes of conservation, sustainability and resourcefulness.
    Example activities include:

    • Making seedbags to be planted
    • Planting flowers
    • Planting vegetables
    • Make your own herb garden
    • Build your own book swap library
    • Plant your own hanging baskets
    • Plant a tree on your street

    If you would like to join in and help re-wild Birmingham on the 30th September please click here and apply.
    Olga Sukhanova – Active Streets Project Lead

    Posted on 5th September 2017