• Important Message from the Friends of Pype Hayes Park

    Threat to Build Houses on Pype Hayes Park

    The Historic Pype Hayes Hall and its associated Farm Buildings has been for sale now for around 2 years, it was offered for auction twice, but failed to reach it’s asking price both times, it was then offered for sale by Birmingham City council earlier this year and received 4 offers. After consideration of these offers one of them was chosen as the proffered option by BCC and on August 8th this year that offer was signed off to go forward.
    The offer would see the Hall becoming a Free School for youngsters aged between 11 and 17 years, and the old farm buildings, which were unfortunately devastated by fire, would be demolished and the site would then have up to 14 Residential Properties built on it.
    The Friends of Pype Hayes Park and Hall Group, have no issue with the School, as this would interfere very little with the existing structure of the hall, but they will be objecting strongly to the building of residential properties within the park.
    Pype Hayes Hall and farm buildings have Grade II listed status, and are seen as a valuable part of the areas history. The farm buildings were so damaged by the fire that they are now in a dangerous condition, so the group were prepared for the eventuality that they would probably have to be demolished at some stage, and that something else would be built on the site, but, had not foreseen the building of houses.
    The Group has faced the threat of residential building on our park before this, and campaigned vigorously to stop it, a fight which they ultimately won! We are now asking that Friends Groups across the city join with us to stop this threat once again!
    We believe that if this building project is allowed to go ahead it could be the tip of the iceberg and open the floodgates to building proposals on open green spaces and parks in Birmingham.
    Please join with us to fight this threat by lobbying your Local Councillors and the Leaders of Birmingham City Council.
    Anyone wishing to make contact directly with “The Friends of Pype Hayes Park and Hall Group”, can do so by contacting our Secretary, Janet Shakespeare by e-mail on; [email protected]

    Posted on 10th September 2013