• Help Your Local Watercourse with Waterside Care

    The Environment Agency are campaigning hard to eradicate non native plants and animals from our waterways and have put together some guidance for voluntary and community groups to play their part in helping them

    • Invasive non-native species can have a damaging impact on British plants, animals and ecosystems – by spreading disease, competing for habitat and food and direct predation.
    • Plants that grow profusely can block waterways while some animals can damage riverbanks – so they also affect economic uses of our environment and add significant management costs.
    • As a water user, you may unknowingly be helping to spread invasive species from one water body to another in equipment, shoes and clothing.
    • Help stop this happening by following three simple steps: Check, Clean, Dry.

    Click here to visit the DEFRA website to find out more of how you can help.

    Posted on 24th March 2015