• Englands Green Space Gap


    Friends of the Earth’s (FOE) new report on green space access in England has just been revealed! 


    The report finds deep inequalities in green space access with consequences for public health and the nation’s finances.

    “This report exposes how widespread green space deprivation is, how it is an issue of racial injustice as well as concern from a public health perspective, and what needs to be done to fix the problem. It also showcases great examples of community led initiatives.” – FOE

    The summary report can be found here. This carries case examples which from various organisations (TCV, Groundwork and others) have kindly provided, and a list of the areas most needing green space investment. Friends of the Earth have made a series of recommendations including prioritising spending on areas currently denied quality green space.

    The full report provides much more detail on the multiple benefits of green space and the health and funding issues along with a full list of England’s neighbourhoods. It also highlights the work of organisations such as Fields in Trust, the Open Spaces Society, CPRE, the National Trust, The Wildlife Trusts, and the research of a range of academics and health organisations.

    For the full report please click here



    Posted on 16th September 2020