• Eastside Park Free Xplorer Activities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

    This weekend Eastside City Park becomes the first park in Birmingham to run “Xplorer”.
    This is a free outdoor activity for primary and pre-school children and their families. It is a navigation challenge, using a map of the park to find a number of markers that will have been discretely located! Click here to learn more about Xplorer!
    Come along and join the Friends of Eastside City Park. They will be focusing on the area of the park between the fountains and Cardigan Street, in front of Millennium Point.
    It will be running on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July afternoons from 3pm to 5pm. The start point will be outside the Science Garden, which is also free at this time – look for the flag.
    The friends of Eastside City Park have got a dozen more dates throughout the summer which will be advertised soon.
    The Friends of the Park are working with British Orienteering, who have funded the programme, and the City of Birmingham Orienteering Club who will be helping to run it.
    Come along and join the fun this weekend!

    Posted on 8th July 2015