• Creative Workshop Series Episode #1

    Welcome to the first episode of our new online art workshops that you can take part in while in your local park or if you prefer, from the comfort of your home. 


    Through these workshops we hope to encourage creativity, while you celebrate and learn more about your local parks & open spaces in Birmingham! The aim of this workshop is to get creative and make artwork that is inspired by your local park or open space. Below you can find some step by step instructions to guide you.

    1. So to begin…let’s find your local park or open space! You could use our interactive map page to assist with this. 

    2. Now its time to go and visit your local park or open space to get some inspiration for your artwork. But if for some reason you can’t visit it right now, you could use photos for inspiration. 

    3. How you create your park-inspired art is completely up to you, for example, you could use pencils, colouring pencils, painting, make a collage or even create some digital art using an app. 

    4. As part of your artwork, we would love to see your favourite aspects of your local park or open space, for example, your favourite trees, wildlife, ponds or waterways, canine friend, interesting architecture like a community-building, flowers, or even a sculpture.  

    5. When you have finished creating your artwork, take a photo and email us at [email protected] with the name of your park or open space, the first name of the artist, and tell us a little bit about the artwork – your inspiration for it. 

    6. We also encourage you to share your art with us and your friends on social media, including the name of the park, the #mybrumpark and tag @bosfonline in your post! 

    7. If you have any questions get in contact via email or leave a comment underneath the video on social media.

    8. Have fun and we look forward to seeing your art soon! Keep an eye out for the next episode of our online art workshops that will available later this month.  

    Posted on 6th June 2020