• Create Trails and Walks with TICL App



    The Tree Council has teamed up with TiCL Media to help people to enjoy trees and share their experiences as they are out walking.

    Your group can now create trails and walks around your green space using the free TICL phone app. You can also enjoy trails created by other users from all over the country.


    What can a TiCL App #TreeTrail do for you?

    Using the TiCL App #TreeTrail can help visitors explore and learn about the trees in your local park or open space, without the need for any printed map or physical signage. Sightseers can walk around the area and find out what the people who value the trees there have to say about them. It might be factual information, it might be stories; either way, it will add interest to their explorations.  It can also help visitors find amenities and other points of significance in a park.

    It is fun to follow a trail or explore an area with TiCL App – it’s a great way to learn about the things around you. TiCL App allows local area managers such as Friends Groups to ‘geo locate’ physical features of the environment and link them into trails, for example, trees, flower beds, sculptures, play parks, cafes or other features. TiCL App encourages you to photograph points of interest and add short descriptions about them. You can add links to the ‘best’ web information about each item. TiCL App links to your website or any social media so that, as visitors explore the park or town physically, they find your organisation virtually.



    BOSF Trails Promotion Code

    The team at TiCL Media have kindly created a Promotion Code for BOSF Friends Groups = BOSFtrails

    Usually info added to TiCL stays on the system for only 24hrs and has restricted features. By using the BOSFtrails  Promotion Code within a 50km radius of Birmingham tree trails created by Friends Groups will remain active on the system and with full features for 100 years. The Promotion code is applied by the Friends Group once the Friends Group has started creating the tree trail (see the Creating tree trails with TICL App)


    Thanks to Simon Edwards and the rest of the TiCL Media team. 


    Posted on 18th August 2019