• Brummie Community Gardens Need You for the Nation’s largest Edible Gardens Open Day

    EVENTS 14 / 15 AND 21/22 SEPTEMBER
    Food growing sites around the city (and beyond) will be opening their doors, gates, sheds and greenhouses to offer locals a look inside. Would-be gardeners will be able to taste fresh produce grown in their neighborhood and get involved with growing food. The event in Birmingham is taking place at venues across the city on 14 and 15 September and 21 and 22 September 2013.
    There will be the opportunity to meet people who like to grow and eat food and take part in a variety of activities including tours and cultural food tasting.
    Chris Blythe, BigDigBrum coordinator and lead volunteer explains: “By visiting your local Edible Garden, you’ll be able to make friends, taste some incredible food and maybe gain a food growing space for the future.”
    People can find out where their local participating food growing site is and the events they have planned to celebrate Edible Gardens Open Day by using the map.
    The Big Dig Birmingham is part of a nation-wide drive aiming to engage thousands of people in community food-growing projects across England.

    Posted on 9th September 2013