• BOSF volunteer hours for 2019-2020

    BOSF member groups have recorded 67,478 hours of hard work in Birmingham’s parks and open spaces between 2019 to 2020. 
    If we value those hours by the “real living wage” that amounts to the equivalent of £627,545 – that’s more than half a million pounds!

    It’s really important for BOSF to be able to show the Council and central government how valuable volunteers are.
    Recording your Friend Group’s volunteering hours is also very useful for you when you make funding applications to be able to show what you do.
    Please contact our secretary Denise if you would like a summary of your Friends Group’s recorded hours or an infographic.

    Please keep collecting a record of your volunteering even during the coronavirus lockdown. Even if you aren’t out litter picking, gardening or working with school groups you are still posting on social media, having virtual meetings and writing funding applications – and all of those count towards your volunteering hours.

    Posted on 20th April 2020