• Birmingham Leadership Foundation Programme 18 to 26 year olds

    Breakthrough is about empowering young people who are yet to realise their leadership potential. We know you can be brilliant, so BLF is helping you to breakthrough and ultimately make Birmingham a better place.
    The programme focuses on:

    • Building confidence, insights and understanding of the world around you
    •  Leading change and barriers/opportunities to making change happen
    •  Influencing, communication and leadership skills
    •  Problem-solving and team-working.

    By going behind-the-scenes of Birmingham – one of the UK’s most diverse cities – participants will get the chance to visit a wide range of organisations and quiz leaders about the real-life challenges they face. Not only will you learn about what it takes to run the city, but you will also begin to understand how these skills can make a positive difference in your community and plan your future as a leader in society.
    Breakthrough begins in February 2014 and is free of charge to participants. We would love to hear from you if you are, age 18+ and eager to learn from the city’s leading industry insiders.
    To find our more click here to visit the website  or to speak to a member of the BLF team email [email protected].
    Register online by visiting by clicking here.

    Posted on 13th January 2014