• Active Parks Workshops and Courses

    The following training is available to Parks Friends Groups, Sessions Leaders, Activators and individuals who are involved with Active Parks Birmingham.
    To request a place on any of the workshops & training courses below , please email: [email protected]
    A follow up email will then be sent to you to confirm your place on the workshop / course.

    Data protection and awareness training (limited to 20 places)

    Topics covered during the day are:

    • Introduction to the Data Protection Act 1998
    • ICO & Notification
    • Definitions of the Data Protection Act 1998
    • Data Protection Act Eight Principles
    • Rights of the Data Subject
    • Subject Access Requests / Making a Disclosure
    • Information Security in the Workplace

    Date:     Thursday 12th March 2015
    Time:     10.00am – 12.00pm
    Venue:  Manor House, 40 Moat Lane, Birmingham B5 5BD

    One Day Emergency First Aid Course (12)

    Date:     Saturday 14th March 2015
    Time:     9.00am – 4.00pm
    Venue:  Saheli Adventure Hub, corner of Court Road & Edward Road, Balsall Heath B12 9LB

    Rugby Activator (in prep for the Rugby World Cup 2015) (limited 12-16 places)

    This Street Games and RFL-developed workshop offers participants an overview of how to develop Street Rugby. They are introduced to ideas for warm-up games, team games and challenges, as well as learning basic techniques and activities to develop skills. The workshop also offers guidance on competition formats, rules and recommended equipment.
    Who is it for: Community sport project leaders, coaches and volunteers, activators.
    Course prerequisites: There are no compulsory pre-requisites for this workshop. It offers the chance to build on skills previously gained through courses such as the Sports Leaders UK Level 1, 2 and 3 awards; national governing bodies of sports awards; and youth and community qualifications.
    Date:     Saturday 14th March 2015
    Time:     10.00am – 1.00pm
    Venue: Summerfield Park, Dudley Road, Soho B16 0EU
    Meet near the Tennis courts

    Walk Leader Training (limited to 16 – but we can put on additional courses)

    It aims to:

    • Increase understanding of the benefits of walking and how barriers can be overcome
    • Develop the skills required to safely lead a group of people on a walk
    • Identify ‘good’ or ‘bad’ routes
    • Provide understanding of, and the ability to complete, risk assessment checks on routes
    • Include a demonstration walk to put learning into practice
    • Introduce route mapping and what to include or avoid on a walk route

    Topics covered during the day are:

    • The health benefits of walking
    • What is a health walk?
    • The importance of physical activity and health
    • Barriers to walking
    • How to overcome barriers
    • Why is walking good for you?
    • Roles and responsibilities of a Walk Leader
    • Doing the paperwork
    • Route planning and mapping, Risk assessing and recognising

    Date: Friday 20th March 2015
    Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm
    Venue: Aston Pavilion, Aston Park, Trinity Road, Aston B6 6JD

    Fundraising & Small Grants workshop Content:

    The core focus of the workshop is on securing ‘small grants’ – those of £10,000 and under. Participants explore the differences between a grant, commission and commercial contracts, the differences between compiling small and large grants, and how to choose and write small grant applications. They also receive guidance on the current fundraising landscape and top tips on how to develop funding applications.
    Who is it for: Community sport project leaders, coaches and volunteers, activators.
    Course prerequisites: An active interest in doorstep sport, Active parks/Parklives – sport in the right time, for the right price, to the right place and in the right style.
    Date:     Friday 10th April 2015
    Time:     10.00am – 1.00pm
    Venue: Birmingham Futsal Arena, Great King Street Birmingham B19 2LF

    Posted on 18th February 2015