On Thursday 23rd October at the British Library Conference Centre, St Pancras, London.
    We still have a number of seats available at this late hour.
    Due to the generous support of our commercial partners we are now able to offer a number of guest seats at our event to BOSF supporters whom we are sure will find the 12 outstanding conference speakers extremely interesting.
    The event has an impressive list of supporting partners including the International Federation of Landscape Architects (Europe), the Green Infrastructure Partnership (incl. LI), The International Association of Landscape Ecologists, the Institute of Horticulture, The Parks Alliance, London Parks & Green Spaces Forum, Birmingham Open Spaces Forum, European Landscape Contractors Association, Association of Professional Landscapers, British Association of Landscape Industries, Horticultural Trades Association, the Sustainable Living Research Group & the Society for the Environment .
    In order to get a free seat at this event visit the web site www.GreenSocialEngineering.org click Register then enter the Promotional Code – guest
    An opportunity not to be missed.

    Posted on 17th October 2014