• New parks volunteer activity: advice during lockdown (Tier 4)


    Volunteering in Tier 4 Restrictions have been announced – while Birmingham is in Tier 4 all volunteer activity must be paused in parks and open spaces until further notice.

    Please see the new letter from Birmingham City Council ‘s Cllr John O’Shea for more details:


    “Dear residents and community groups,

    I hope you are continuing to keep safe and well during the challenging times that we all continue to endure.  

    As has been the case throughout this unprecedented pandemic, we will continue to advise you on what activity is appropriate in our parks and open spaces as changes are made to Coronavirus regulations and restrictions.

    Given the announcement by the Government that Birmingham is to enter Tier 4 restrictions from tomorrow (31 December 2020), I must take this opportunity to advise that all volunteer activity is paused in parks and open spaces until further notice.

    The work you do is hugely valued and made a big difference, more so than ever in a year in which use of our parks has increased as a result of the various lockdowns and restrictions that have changed our routines and regular ways of life.

    However, as a result of the tighter restrictions again being imposed by the Government, it is critical we all do our bit to control the spread of the virus to minimise the risk it poses to the health of our loved ones, fellow volunteers and ourselves as well as reducing the strain on the NHS.

    I look forward to our continuing partnership when things improve, as we all share the common goal of ensuring we have the best possible parks and open spaces in Birmingham.  

    Yours faithfully

    Cllr John O’Shea

    Cabinet Member – Street Scene and Parks

    Birmingham City Council”


    Posted on 31st December 2020