• Sandon Road Park (Friends of)

    Friends of Sandon Road Park are a small Friends Association set up to promote and renovate an urban park space, where Hagley and Sandon Road meet. Their aims are simply to renovate the space, to make it a safe and empowered space for residents and anyone who wishes to enjoy some tranquility in a busy urban place such as Edgbaston North.

    The group’s first events are for a volunteer led litter pick and park tidy up, followed by possible group exercises such as Tai Chi and Yoga in the park. Another charity called the patchwork meadow also wishes to plant a small meadow type inspired flower bed in the park, to encourage wildlife and residents to the park.

    Other aims include a sponsored bike ride to raise money for the infrastructure of the park, possibly aiming to restore the park to its former Victorian glory, which includes rebuilding some walls and erecting iron railings, which were once there. This is also to improve the health and safety of the park, especially as there are plans to build a small child’s play area.


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