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    ActiveBase Art engages with social and environmental discourse to visually respond to the effects of humanity on the planet. Showcasing the artwork of UK-based artist Anna Chudnovskaya, ActiveBase Art aspires to collaborate with charitable organisations to direct a creative and sustainable social change. Partnering scientific specialism with the creative process, we develop inter-disciplinary communication of contemporary social dialogue.

    Anna Chudnovskaya is an environmental process painter with a scientific background. Her interdisciplinary specialisms have led her through academic studies in Humanitarian and Natural Sciences, achieving a master’s degree in Physics and moving towards Social Sciences with a PhD in Economics.
    Anna’s extensive business experience has encouraged the development of ActiveBase Art, in which environmental projects are led by creative strategies and personal development techniques. ActiveBase Art is led by a strong will to collaborate for social good, rising from Anna’s background in management education and personal world view.
    Having written and illustrated 26 published books considering self-discipline and creative tutorials, Anna operates in a variety of supportive and instructional disciplines alongside her personal artistic practice.
    Anna’s visual artwork synthesises her personal interest in both European and Asian creative practice. This is combined with a vivid and emotional understanding of colour and shape, transpiring from a relationship with music.


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