• COVID Memorial Gardens


    Birmingham City Council is currently creating ten COVID-19 Memorial Gardens in the city, one in each district. Click here to find out where they are!


    The Memorial Gardens consist of a ring of six trees 2m apart with bulb planting in-between.

    At the centre is a small pile of washed pebbles. These can be painted on to create a feature or it can just include some planting.

    There will be three benches inside the ring, so people can sit and chat inside.

    The cost for this to be created is around £2,000.


    This design can be replicated in more sites, so if you are interested in creating one in your green space then all you need to do is:

    1. Contact your Park Manager/Ranger to sort out the best location and design for your space

    2. Once agreed, then we can help you to raise the money needed with the help of our Seed Corn Fund with Get Grants:

    Posted on 21st March 2022