• BOSF Friends Group’s volunteering hours, April 21- March 22


    Here is a huge thank you to the parks volunteer groups in Birmingham!
    The figures for April 21 – March 22 are in, the total parks and open spaces volunteer hours last year was 86,537 – which on the current Birmingham living wage of £9.90 comes out at a massive £856,711! This is an incredible achievement, especially considering this is almost double the previous year’s figure of £513,597.
    As well as this financial value, there are so many more benefits gained from the work these volunteers do, for their local communities, for health and of course, nature and wildlife! The volunteers should be extremely proud, keep up the amazing work everyone!
    Thanks again to all of the Friends Groups for their time and effort in their local parks and open spaces (and for sending in their volunteering hours to us), the amazing Park Rangers & Birmingham City Council staff for their continued support and, to Denise for her work compiling all the data together!

    Posted on 14th April 2022