• Blossom Together in Birmingham

    The National Trust is attempting to create a symbolic ring of blossom around the city centre this winter. Using the circular number 11 bus route as a template for this ring, we are asking local residents and organisations who live/work within approximately 25 mins of the bus route to identify places they could plant some free blossom trees.
    The trees will be either of ornamental cherry or a fruit variety, ranging from 1m to 2m in height, and will be available for planting after Christmas 2022. The Trust will provide stakes and a resource which explains how to care for the tree, as recipients will be responsible for maintaining any trees they receive as part of this project.
    The project Blossom Together has been inspired by historical maps of Birmingham from the C18th century, when the town was surrounded by orchards and small green gardens, and so has been referred to as ‘a town ringed by blossom’.
    If you would like any more information, or if you are interested in receiving some trees to plant later in the year, please email:

    Posted on 24th June 2022