Bordesley Green Forest Garden

Introducing Bordesley Green Forest Garden

Posted May 2, 2017

Bordesley Green Forest Garden is one of the largest community food forest projects in the West Midlands. The project works with the local community and wider region to promote regenerative urban food production and community collaboration.

A forest garden is defined as an edible and productive garden using trees, shrubs and other perennial plants. These are mixed in such a way as to mimic the structure of a natural forest – the most stable and sustainable type of ecosystem in our climate. The project is open to volunteers of all ages, experience and skill levels in a bid to promote eco-system design, community resilience, and low input food production methods.

If you would like to know more about the project, or receive event information, you can join its Facebook page by clicking here or alternatively, please email project co-ordinator, Andrew Walton, at

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