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Create a Free App for Your Park

Posted February 16, 2017

This link gives a step by step guide to set up a free App to create a trail around your park or for information about points of interest. Click Here

It has been set up by Love Parks in partnership with TiCL Media Ltd of Croydon and the National Federation of Parks & Green Spaces (NFPGS)

Why create an app?

  • TiCL App is a means for you to create a guide or trail in an area without having to put anything on the ground
  • TiCL App allows local area managers or Friends to ‘geo locate’ and link physical features (eg trees, sculpture, memorials) of the environment into trails
  • TiCL App lets you photograph points of interest, add short descriptions and add links to the ‘best’ web information about each item
  • TiCL App allows Friends groups the ability to ‘brand’ their content .

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